Johanniels.com aims to be a repository of articles on photography, cameras, lenses, use of film, home developing, simple repairs, as well as a humble showcase of some of the images I created.

On this web site you will find articles on a variety of camera brands and types. They are my personal favourites, they span over eighty years of photographic equipment, with most cameras and lenses here I have personal experiences and opinions. Those experiences stem from twenty years of buying and selling, repairing, shooting and creating images with a large amount of different camera types, brands and models.

There’s a number of articles on how to photograph and also a number on servicing camera gear that I’ve had personal experience with and decided to share in a ‘pictorial’.

My most read article is the Portal Page on the Konica Hexar AF. On this page you can find extensive information on the venerable Konica Hexar AF, how-to’s for many tweaks (including how to activate the much appreciated Silent Mode), the manual to the camera, links to many other sites that feature information on the Konica Hexar. Bookmark this single page and you can always retrieve it all.

In this current attention-driven society, I welcome any sharing of links to my articles on social media like Flickr, Twitter, VKontakte, Facebook, Weibo, etc. Please leave a comment on the Facebook comment plugin if you want, you can find it at the bottom of most articles.

However, please note that the articles and pictures on my web site are all copyright protected and any reproduction or copying on your own web space or in print would assume you require a redistribution licence and as such you will be billed for an amount upwards of EUR 3,000.

My name is Johan Niels Kuiper, I live in The Netherlands and I’ve photographing since my children were born, over two decades ago. Like so many other photographers I started out with documenting family life but as my children grew up (and subsequently grew tired of being the subject of yet another portrait) I branched out, so to speak. I’ve shot Large format, Medium format, 135-size and half frame film cameras, compact, APS-C and full frame digital cameras, but also pin holes, paper negatives, vintage box cameras, expired film, you name it. If it can form or hold an image, I’m interested.

Alongside this camera craze, I’ve been schooled as a news reporter and have continued to write once my professional career took another direction. On this web site, I enjoy combining the two and write articles, columns, blog posts on photography and other stuff I care about.

Enjoy your stay, leave a comment if you please and share my articles on the net!


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