refurbished Fidelity 4×5 inch film holders

Discover fresh fidelity

new film holders announce that they have a new shipment of Fidelity Elite 4×5 inch film holders in!

When you’re weary to buy those film holders second hand, you know how hard they are to get new nowadays. The European size 9x12cms (which is close in size but no exact match!) are just as difficult to find, and if you’re not yet committed to either size you’d better get what you can. Those refurbished holders have at least been checked over.

Excellent price too

The Macodirect film holders come in a pack of two for a mere EUR 44,70. Which is in fact cheaper than many offerings I’ve seen on eBay, so that’s kind of a big deal and worth a news post!

Macodirect also sell sheet film, in 4×5 inch format there’s a pretty broad selection of black&white, color C41 and even some slide film E6 on their website. Stock may vary though. This link gets you to the right page right away, but check sizes, there’s 9x12cms in this listing too!

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