Komura rangefinder lenses, overview

The history of the Komura brand lenses is little-known. Information on the company and the lenses it produced is difficult to find online. But, many of the Komura lenses are very good, both in build quality and in optical results!

The company started out with making lenses for Large Format cameras. But in the 1950s they also started manufacturing rangefinder lenses for Leica thread mount cameras, and switched over to making lenses for Nikon rangefinders in the 1960s. Later, they also manufactured enlarging lenses, lenses for various medium format systems and also briefly produced lenses for various models of SLRs. Komura probably was the first brand to build a 1.4/85mm lens in Nikon F mount!

Below is a list of Leica Thread Mount lenses that probably were made by Komura. Some were simply branded as such, but others have different names.

Only in the 1960’s did Japanese companies start to brand their products, before that they were often sold under the name of the company or retail chain that ordered them from the Japanese factories. 

Brand Focal length Max Aperture Min Aperture Filter size Remarks
Komura 28mm 3.5 16.0 55mm  eBay link
Komura 36mm 1.8 16.0 46mm Very rare! link to JElabs blog
W-Komura- 35mm 2.8 22.0 43mm focus tab eBay link
Asanuma King 35mm 2.8 22.0 43mm focus tab, identical to the W-Komura- 2.8/35mm but ‘zebra’ focus ring
W-Komura- 35mm 3.5 22.0 43mm focus tab, identical to the W-Komura- 2.8/35mm design
Asanuma King 35mm 3.5 22.0 43mm focus tab, barrel identical to the Asanuma King 2.8/35mm design
Kyoei W.Acall 35mm 3.5 22.0 43mm no focus tab, coarser knurling, anodized all black barrel
W-Komura- 35mm 2.8 22.0 ?? example shown online had rear ring of hood attached (no focus tab, six-digit number)
W.Acall 35mm 3.5 22.0 34mm  
W.Honor 35mm 3.5 22.0 34mm Very rare, design identical to the Acall above. eBay link
W-Komura- 35mm 3.5 22.0 34mm design identical to the Acall above. eBay link
W? Telesar 35mm 3.5 22.0 34mm design identical to the Acall above. Not sure if ‘W’ is followed by ‘.’ or ‘-‘
W.A. Astra 35mm 3.5 22.0 34mm design identical to the Acall above
Force 35mm 3.5 22.0 34mm design identical to the Acall above
Acall 80mm 1.8 22.0 48mm  
Komura 80mm 1.8 22.0 48mm identical to Acall
Sankyo Optical Works Ltd 80mm 3.5 22.0 34mm fully chrome, four-digit number
Sankyo Optical Works Ltd 80mm 3.5 22.0 34mm chrome and black, ‘zebra’ focus ring, five-digit number
Komura 105mm 2.0 16.0 58mm  
Komura 105mm 2.8 22.0 48mm  
Komura 135mm 2.8 22.0 55mm  
Super-Acall 135mm 3.5 22.0 46mm  
Komura 135mm 3.5 22.0 48mm  
Tele-Astra 135mm 3.5 ?? ?? info wanted!
Bittco Super Vemar 135mm 3.5 22.0 48mm rare
Komura 200mm 4.5 22.0 55mm rare to find with dedicated finder and leather case
Komura 400mm 6.3 45.0 67mm can be split in two halves, barrel is threaded

Over time, I have owned several Komura and Acall lenses, even briefly owned the ‘Force’ lens listed above. Some I have shot, others I have only bought and sold. In time, some of the lenses listed here will have their own article in the ‘Komura Files’ on this website!

If you can share any information on the history of Komura as a manufacturer, or on the Leica Thread Mount lenses they produced, please send an email to contact@johanniels.com! Also pictures of the lenses are greatly welcomed, as are links to other websites that contain information on Komura lenses for Leica and Nikon rangefinders! Thank you! 

W.Komura 35mm 3.5 lens for Leica. Their most made lens it seems, but here in a much rarer brass version. The vast majority of those lenses is made in an alloy, brass ones are hard to find.
W.Komura 35mm on a Leica II with Minifinder
W.Komura 35mm 3.5 LTM lens on a Leica II with Voigtländer Minifinder. Just about the smallest wide-angle Leica camera combo one can carry around.

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