Kodak film cases re-issued

Only a couple of years ago, the Japan Camera Hunter cases for 35mm and 120 film were a big hit online and for months on end they were sold out. Now, Kodak offers their version of 5-film containers for the 35mm format only. And these re-issued cases sure look nice, they’re made of metal too! The company is releasing metal film canisters commonly used in the 1970s brand new for 2020. Far out!

These Kodak film cases really are a fashion icon: it’s a slim metal case that holds up five rolls of film. The insert that holds the film in place is made of plastic and can be removed if you want to use the case for objects other than film. That’s it.

“The Kodak Film Case, made of steel with high tensile strength, provides your films with strong protection,” the company says. “The case is small and portable, making it ideal for all analog lovers. It protects your film rolls dry and clean, and organises five rolls of 35mm film in one place. It is perfect for a day out for shooting or even a sweet long holiday.”

The cases measure 148 mm by 56 mm by 47 mm (5.8 inches by 2.2 inches by 1.8 inches) and weighs a scant 160 grams (~5.6 ounces) when empty. 

The “Classic Case” features a yellow body with red or blue lids, echoing the design of Kodak containers way back to the fourties of the last century. The “Radiant Case” has a more modern look, has a silver body and matches with a yellow or silver lid. Finally, the “Matte Case” is available in either all white or all black and it’s the most ‘today’ version of these cases. 

Of course I had to get mine (get yours here too!) the moment I saw them since I reckon they’ll be gone before you can say ‘Kilo Oscar Delta Alfa Kilo’. I got the red and blue top old-skool cases and I’ll do a short video when I get them, promised! I just hope the old style brand name is really stamped out on the one side and the modern logo printed on the other side, which is what the images suggest!

Each case option is priced at $25 and is available for pre-order here. The company estimates it will be able to begin shipping these lovely metal cases in December.

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  1. In case you were wondering what the original color combinations signalling the kind of films were:

    Red / yellow – Kodachrome
    Green / yellow – Tri-X
    Blue/ white – Ektachrome
    Yellow / black – Kodak colorfilm
    Brown / yellow – Plus-X

    The combination of blue and yellow only came later, when the E100G and E100VS slide films were introduced.

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