Expanding the herd

Large Format Lenses

I decided to show my little collection of large format lenses. And I smuggled a few 6×7 cm lenses in too. About half of these lenses are barrel lenses, meaning they have no shutter. But, you can shoot them pretty easily if you’re shooting black and white film. I plan on making a video showing how to shoot them that way, it’s really simple and much fun too!

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Pentax 6×7 and 67 and 67ii lenses, full list

Pentax 6x7

Pentax 67 was one of the most popular camera systems in the classic medium format. The cameras, lenses and accessories of the series have been on the market since 1969. The focal lengths of the lenses with the additional names Super Takumar and SMC (Super Multi Coating) Takumar range from 35mm to 1000mm. This page contains a full list of all lenses made for the system.

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Horseman 842 Convertible, a medium format wide angle camera

Johan Niels Kuiper Fotograaf in Assen - Horseman Convertible 842 Medium Format Camera

The Horseman Convertible 842 camera was made in the early 1970s. This Medium Format camera with a 62mm wide angle lens was a novelty. It equals a 32mm or even a 25mm wide angle in the 135 format! The camera remains a rarity to this day, sometimes these cameras surface on eBay or on camera shows. Judging from serial numbers on the lenses, there were less than 5,000 cameras made.

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