A Brutalist water tower in France

This image I shot during our 2021 holidays in France. I took a Pentax 6×7 with the terrific 105mm 2.4 Takumar lens with me and a pocketfull of 220 films. This Brutalist water tower from the central France countryside fits into a little series of brutalist structures. I have been working on this little series for more than a decade.

This image I shot on Kodak Portra 400 NC (Natural Colors) film that expired years ago. I keep my films frozen until I shoot them so that was no problem.

The film was sent out to develop. I scanned it using the Sony A7 full frame 24 MP camera with a vintage Panagor PMC 55mm 3.0 macro lens and the Kaiser Slimlight Plano for a light source. Processing was done in Photolab 3.0 Pro bij DxO. No plugin, just processing from a negative to this final image fully manually. It’s not that hard really and someday soon I’ll write a little article on it so explain how to do this.

The final image can easily be printed at 60×70 cm size, a 100x enlargement.

The other images in this little 6×7 film shot series are the Communist Center Buzludha in Kazanlak, Bulgaria, a very tall Soviet Russian statue in former Eastern Berlin and a large concrete waterdam in Belgium. I will show these images on the website at a later stage!

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