Black Friday is upon us: up to 40% discount on your 3D printed camera

Dora Goodman camera manufacturers wrote in today, saying they are joining the Black Friday sales of 2020 with a very interesting offer!

The offer is for both the Zone series 6×7 camera and the Scura pinhole camera series which come in 35mm and 120 format.  

 “Choose between our Goodman Zone medium format or Scura pinhole camera kits and enjoy 40% discount.   If you are not into DIY now you can order these cameras already assembled, so we save you time and the hassle. The discount is valid on the assembly and all the accessories too.  Order now
 “Choose our Xmas Special Packages that include a roll of special film for free! Moreover you can choose to customise your camera with your name on it, and this is also included without any extra charge.  Get the Xmas Editions with 20% off!  Order now

A final word on this generous offer:

“Promotion is valid between 23-29 November, 2020. It is valid for the Goodman Zone, Goodman Zone Light, Scura 35mm and Scura 6×6 DIY film cameras packages, and for the Xmas Editions. “

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